I couldn't help but think something looked awfully familiar in a HuffPost article about a couple's hilarious infertility announcement photos.  It turns out one of the faces in that photo is someone quite famous in the Treasure Valley!

Does that guy look familiar?  It's Spencer Blake from Good Morning Idaho on Channel 6!

He and his wife, Whitney, have struggled having a child of their own for years and often used humor as a coping mechanism. On their family blog they posted a series of pictures of common pregnancy announcements you'd see on Facebook followed by their infertile version.  They shared the pictures as part of Infertility Awareness Week to try to comfort families experiencing the same challenges.  Their blog went viral and has been shared by HuffPost, PopSugar, Buzzfeed and more.

The family felt like their infertility struggles were part of God's plan for them and led them to adopting their two little boys, Mason and Kellen.

To see more of Spencer and Whitney's infertility announcement photos visit their blog.