As of this month, Idaho made its way onto a list of worst states for women.

I mean, the list included each of the 50 states, but Idaho is ranked nearly all the way at the bottom.

24/7 Wall St. recently made a list (March 3, 2022) of the worst states for women, and they claimed, “to determine the worst states for women, 24/7 Wall St. developed an index composed of 15 metrics measuring economy, health, and leadership in all 50 states. Many of the worst states for women are located in the South, while the Northeast accounts for the vast majority of the best states for women, with states in the West and Midwest ranking anywhere from top to bottom.”

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So, where does Idaho stand?

24/7 Wall St. ranked Idaho 47th on the list, and here’s what they found in their research …

> Female earnings as pct. of male earnings: 75.7% (4th lowest)

> Female life expectancy at birth: 81.3 years (22nd highest)

> Pct. legislative seats held by women: 30.5% (25th highest)

> Pct. mgmt. jobs held by women: 36.5% (6th lowest)

24/7 Wall St. also mentioned that female workers in Idaho make a median of $38,012/year which is “the second lowest median of all states and more than $8,000 lower than the national median.” They also considered the state’s legislature and the fact that Idaho has never had a female governor. However, in that regard, we’re definitely not alone because 19 other states have also never had a female governor.

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