Led by some impactful videos and statements, the media seems to be following a new trend: Women loving who you are and embracing your natural beauty. See how Colbie Caillat "un photoshops" herself...

It's easier said than done. I'll admit. I'm someone who believes deep down that we all have unique beauty and it's something to be celebrated. However, when it comes to getting ready in the morning, I spend over an hour styling my hair, applying makeup and choosing an outfit that only accentuates the parts of my body I am okay with others noticing. My upper arms are not part of that list. Do you go through a similar routine?

I have a friend who has a very similar body type and I think she's gorgeous. So why is it that I can't look at myself and feel the same way? It's definitely something I'm working on. Natural beauty IS true beauty. It's about positive self talk, right?

Colbie Caillat filmed a video that has gone massively viral. Many times viral videos aren't something that can change our life but this one does. Colbie shows women (including herself) in full hair and makeup and walks us through the process of "undoing" it all. Talk about a positive influence on women (us).


Then, John Legend, married to a model does something very similar. His wife, Chrissy Tiegen, has admitted that she has received some pretty brutal comments about her body, her looks, her hair, you name it. Model or not, she gets what we go through - and it shows that John Legend supports embracing who we are rather than getting all glammed up to look "good" like so many of us do. Eh hem...me.


So...will you accept this challenge? Do just one thing tomorrow that is less than you do today in the beauty department. Maybe you don't use concealer, maybe it's letting your hair dry naturally...

What is the one thing you'll eliminate?