They were just here in Boise, Idaho performing at Treefort and now the two members of the Liverpool band called 'Her's' along with their tour manager are dead after a head-on collision while driving to their next gig at the Grand Canyon.

After performing in Boise 'Her's' immediately traveled to Phoenix, Arizona where they would put on their last show at The Rebel Lounge.  According to KTVB, both members of the band along with their tour manager took to the road on Wednesday.  They eventually ran into a driver on I-10 near Centennial, Arizona who was heading east in the westbound lanes.  A head-on collision took place with absolutely no braking from either vehicle around mile marker 68.

Representatives from the label stated this...

"The world was at their feet. Everyone here at the label is overwhelmed and distraught.  We have lost our friends and the world has been denied their talent.

All four people involved in the crash were immediately pronounced dead at the scene.  The Arizona Department of Public Safety is currently investigating and say that so far all they know is neither vehicle braked, both vehicles burst into flames on impact, and there has been an alcoholic beverage container found in the debris but no word on which vehicle that came from.

Our thoughts and our prayers are with all who knew this young, talented group whose opportunity to bring creative, beautiful music to this world has been cut way too short.  For those of you that were able to experience 'Her's' at Treefort, consider yourself fortunate.  'Her's' will never play again.  :(


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