Beer and roller coasters? Two of my favorite things just became best friends!

To be honest, I didn't realize that serving alcohol at amusement parks was a thing until last weekends when my girlfriends and I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Napa Valley.  The lines were long and after about three coasters, they started to get "hangry."  Would any park food do? Nope! After seeing ads for them around the park, my friend had her set on a big soft pretzel.  Pretzel or nothing. It took us FOREVER to find what seemed like the only stand in the park actually selling them, but along the way we stumbled across several that were selling big frosty beers. I scratched my head and said out loud ", I guess that's a thing."

It sure is! And now if you're in desperate need of a cold one to calm you down after conquering the world's tallest beyond-vertical drop on Lagoon's Cannibal coaster, you'll be able to order one!

Lagoon is set to open for the season this Saturday, March 30 and when it does, so will the new Lagoon Biergarten! According to Fox 13 out of Salt Lake, the amusement park has had a permit for beer sales for years but hasn't sold it inside the park since the late 70s. The park welcomed the 1980s by doing away with alcohol sales and dropping its identity as a major concert venue to align with Utah's growing "family friendly" image.

The new beer garden has an Oktoberfest theme and will be located near Roller Coaster (yes, that's legitimately the name of Lagoon's historic wooden coaster) not far from the entrance gates.

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