If you want to pick up a burger and fries on your way to eat turkey tomorrow, you'll have plenty of opportunities.  A bunch of Treasure Valley fast-food restaurants will be open.

This could be the strangest Thanksgiving ever, with smaller gatherings, fewer people traveling, and fewer Black Friday workers heading to work since stores will be closed.  But we gotta eat, and if you find yourself craving burgers, tacos, or pizza tomorrow instead of turkey, they will be there for you.

Some of these franchises are independently owned, so it's a good idea to call ahead and make sure.  But Delish says these Treasure Valley restaurants should be open on Thanksgiving Day.

Treasure Valley Fast Food Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving

Burger King - Hours may be slightly different, but they will be open.  And if you download their app you can score a free Whopper.

Domino's - You can order online and delivery is contactless.  And pizza leftovers trump Thanksgiving leftovers for most of us so order big.

Jack in the Box - They will give you a 25 percent discount on your first order after you download the app.

Little Caesars - Sometimes Thanksgiving food is a little short on cheese, but pizza solves that problem.  And you can deep dish it.

McDonald's - Hours may be adjusted for the holiday, but they'll be open.  And they have coffee and french fry deals on the app.

Papa John's -  That garlic sauce on Thanksgiving Day might level up the turkey or the dinner rolls.  Or just order pizza and dunk away.

Starbucks - If there was ever a day to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte, it's Thanksgiving Day.  And chase it with pumpkin pie.

Sonic - Most Sonic locations will be open and although the #6 combo may be calling, some of us will go just for a huge bag of ice.  Grateful for Sonic ice.

Subway - Locations are individually owned, but most should be open.  If you order online you can get a free footlong with the purchase of two.

Wendy's -  Wendy's restaurants usually only close on Christmas and Easter so there's nothing standing between you and a pretzel bun.

Whatever you're craving tomorrow, you will have options.  And no dishes or cleanup.  This could be a good thing.

And if you work at one of these places, you are a rock star.  We know you would probably rather be at home with family on Thanksgiving Day, so we promise to lighten your load by not complaining about the temperature of the fries, or fussing if a stray olive ends up on our custom subs.

Thanks for helping us carb up for Black Friday shopping.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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