So no one told you Valley life was gonna be this way? Ditto, friends.

Before I understood the nuances of each bitty city, the Treasure Valley struck me as one big REI-loving commune in Keens.

Seven years later, Boise's obsession with hippie footwear holds true, but now I know each hamlet's quirks as well as, "The One Where No One's Ready."

A few days ago, I blogged about Boise having been my best friend all these years. Having said the same to others many a time before, people—primarily cherry transplants—are curious to know what I mean by that.

That's when it clicked. If and when I'm tasked with helping the new kids on block distinguish one town from another, I'll liken each one to a 'friend.'

If your job's a joke, you're broke, or your love life's DOA, pivot for some silly fun and find out which 'friend' describes your Treasure Valley city!


STAR - Joey Tribbiani || "How you doin'?" With properties as big as this struggling actor's ego, Dr. Drake Ramoray is this town's twin separated at birth, and unknowingly engaged to his sister with one month to live.


MERIDIAN - Chandler Bing || "Oh, my Gawd!" Chandler had FOMO decades before it was trendy. Constantly proving he's just as cool and relevant as the other Valley cities, we know Mr. Bing is usually in bed by 10 and prone to detailing his SUV with baby wipes.


EAGLE - Monica Gellar || Chef Gellar, like the City of Eagle, prefers order to chaos, boujee to basic, and older men with mustaches and multi million-dollar investment portfolios.


NAMPA - Ross Gellar || Constantly rambling on about how fine he is, Dr. Gellar, Ph.D. comes to mind whenever someone talks to me about buying a home in Nampa. The longer commute to downtown? It's fine. Leaving Ada County's killer tax incentives? That's fine, too. Like Ross, our neighbors in Nampa are just fine.


KUNA - Phoebe Buffay || The laid-back Smelly Cat songstress is as chill as a cucumber in Kuna. Expanding like a third trimester prego, Kuna's housing market is one of the biggest and hottest in the Treasure Valley!


GARDEN CITY - Estelle Leonard, Joey's agent || Like the GC, this chain-smoking, rough-around-the-edges broad has an eye for talent. Innkeeper to the Valley's creators, artisans, and starving artists, Estelle would fit right in with the Live, Work, Create District's citizens.


BOISE - Rachel Greene || Ever the cheerleader, the former Ralph Lauren executive is as excited about fashion as Boiseans are about all things BSU!

BOISE NORTH END - Jill Green, Rachel's little sister || Home to some of Idaho's biggest VIP's, Rachel's little sister hail's from a classier pedigree than the rest of the Valley, and she owns it.


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