Are you an every day coffee drinker or just when the mood strikes you? When it is chilly outside there is nothing quite like a nice, hot and deliciously brewed coffee or latte. I got an espresso machine for Christmas last year and while I have gotten pretty good at making some great lattes and coffee creations, most of the time it still cant beat a purchased drink from one of these amazing Treasure Valley cafes and coffee houses.

Today is definitely a day to spend the extra $5 and treat yourself to a wonderful latte. It is after all National Latte Day. National Today says, "While the cafe latte has been a part of European cuisine since the 17th century, it was only towards the 20th century that it started making appearances in coffee houses. The modern variation of the cafe latte, commonly called latte, is believed to have been invented in America. The drink was popularized in Seattle and spread widely as modern coffee shops became popular."

Lattes are so much more than just espresso and steamed milk, talented baristas can whip up some pretty incredible flavors and combinations to satisfy anyone and everyone's taste buds. I love a good latte but cant handle it when it is too sweet, my man on the other hand wants his like a full blown dessert in a cup. Whatever you desire these well rated, well respected and loved local coffee houses and cafes will get you through your morning or day with a smile.

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