I'm fairly sure I'm the only one in my circle of friends who doesn't have one and it'll probably be that way to the day I die.

There are all kinds of reasons why people will encourage you not to get a tattoo. A visible tattoo may hurt your chances during a job search. There's always a risk of infection even if you get your tattoo done at the most spotless and sterile licensed parlor in town. You may not like it as you get older. I'm sure there's some validity to those reasons, but the truth is I think that tattoos can be extremely beautiful works of art so...none of those are the reason why I'll be the last inkless friend.

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I'm absolutely terrified of needles, so that's my first hurdle...but it's one that I'll clear under exactly ONE circumstance. In 2015, Alanna Anuszewski's Instagram post about her new tattoo went viral. What was so special about it? It was one of the hidden messages that could be found in Taylor Swift's 1989 liner notes written out for Alanna in Taylor's handwriting, by Taylor herself. I LOVED that concept.

A friend I met at the Train concert at the Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater, recently did something similar. I met her because our favorite band was opening for Train and we were the only two fans who bought their pre-show meet and greet package. She travels all over the country to see their concerts and has developed a cool relationship with them. Their lead singer wrote out a line of lyrics for her that she wanted to turn into a tattoo. I told her how much I truly admired her for being bold enough to ask him for it...

...and this brings me to my why I'll never have a tattoo. The same week that Alanna's tattoo went viral, I told myself that I would conquer the fear of needles if I could get my favorite artist, Matt Nathanson, to write out a line of lyrics from his song "Headphones." I know that it's the right tattoo for me, because I still want the same tattoo five years later.

If you've gone to one of Matt's shows at the Knit or the Idaho Botanical Gardens you know he's one of the nicest artists in the world and is extremely accessible to his fans. That's why I've gotten to meet him at least eight times. Eight times?! You'd think by now I'd have that line of lyrics to take to a tattoo parlor, right?

Wrong. I have a huge crush on Matt (and his music)...and every time it's my turn to get my photo snapped, I'm too starstruck to say anything. I'm fairly sure I just black out. I'm not even sure coherent words come out of my mouth. That's why my friends tried to set me up when we saw him in California last year. They all went through the line before me and told him what a big fan I was. I spoke...but if these pictures are any indication of what I may have said, you know I was nowhere near chill enough to work up the nerves to ask.


So that's why I'll never have a tattoo...because I'm an embarrassing spaz who will never work up the courage to ask for the essential thing I need for my dream tattoo. 😂

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