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Scariest Horror Movie Quotes Ever, Revealed!

A recent study revealed that the average person begins to feel stressed and anxious only 13 minutes into watching a horror film. The study also unveiled respondents' opinions on the scariest movie quotes ever, which include "I see dead people" from The Sixth Sense in first place, "Here's Johnny!" from The Shining in second place, and "They're here" from Poltergeist in third. (via People)

Rare Blue Moon Will Light the Sky This Halloween Night

A rare blue moon will light the way for all the ghosts and goblins this year on Halloween. This is the first time the blue moon will take place on Halloween across all time zones since 1944. Contrary to its name, the moon won't actually be blue in color; the name actually refers to the time the full moon appears in the sky. The last blue moon occurred in March 2018. (via Earth Sky)

Family Builds Trick-or-Treat Candy Catapult for Halloween

The Mak family from York County, Pennsylvania is trying to make their Halloween normal in spite of COVID-19. They've built a catapult that will sling candy from their front yard to tick-or-treaters this weekend. "We thought we could try to come up with a creative way to throw candy at kids safely," said Vince Mak in an interview. The invention comes at a time when experts are advising families to be mindful of social distancing guidelines during the Halloween season. (via ABC-7)

Drake Gets Roasted for Putting Raisins in His Mac 'n' Cheese

This past weekend, when the rapper celebrated his 34th birthday party, several party-goers took to social media to share photos of the event's food menu, which included a man 'n' cheese dish complete with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, raisins and parsley. Fans tweeted about the odd recipe with hilarious comments such as "I don't ever wanna be that rich" and "Drake could have any meal in the wold, but raisins in mac & cheese lands on the birthday menu." (via Just Jared)

Hornet Video on Twitter Gone Viral

A video on Twitter revealed Asian giant "murder" hornets being vacuumed out of a massive nest—a frightening sight just in time for Halloween. Watch below, if you dare...

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