If you grew up in Idaho, you've always been proud of calling it home. If you've relocated here from somewhere that just wasn't nearly as nice as the Gem State, you might be even more proud of it. 

There's a lot to brag about when you talk about our state. For the most part, it's safe. It's clean. When it comes to outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, fishing, there are endless opportunities here. We've got the most famous turf in Division I college football. If that doesn't make you smile when you see the Blue on national TV when you're traveling, we don't know what will.

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But which part of the state is the BEST part of Idaho to live in? Niche, a website dedicated to helping people match with the best schools, jobs and neighborhoods, graded cities and towns across the state on a huge handful of factors like safety, cost of living, job opportunities. They also took into account real reviews of those communities from current residents.

When they crunched the numbers, these were the fifteen best places to live in Idaho this year. No part of the Treasure Valley took the top spot, but overall we performed pretty well!

These Were The 15 Best Places to Live in Idaho in 2021

Niche, a website dedicated to helping people find the right schools, companies and neighborhoods to fit their needs, has ranked the best places to live in Idaho. These cities and towns were named the best of the best in the Gem State.

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