Sorry to be so blunt but I'm gonna lose it! This is the worst news as I hold my hands over my heart right now. I just received this message and these pets will be euthanized tomorrow if someone does come to their aid. Please, people, let's GO!

The owner of these animals, unfortunately, has Alzheimer's and is in a home. All of the animals are healthy and happy - they just need YOU to save their lives now and provide them with their new forever home. They're currently in Twin Falls, but there have been offers from Idaho residents to transport them anywhere they can find a loving home. Whether you live in Boise, Mountain Home, or McCall - let's save these lives!

You can sign up to help on the Paws Rescue page HERE. Remember, they'll be euthanized TOMORROW, Friday, September 1st if we can save them today. If you can help, please act fast before it's too late.


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