I'm a super nervous driver as it is, so the two times in my life that I've been pulled over I've almost had a panic attack. 

The one thing my parents taught me when I was younger was that if you're ever in trouble just tell the truth.  Lying will only make things worse for you in the long run.  In the case of the two times I've been pulled over that's exactly what I did.  I don't know if that's because of the values my parents taught me or because I was too panicked to come up with something witty to try to get out of a ticket.  Luckily, the truth worked.

The first time, I got pulled over on the way into the show for rolling a stop sign by Municipal Park.  I think the officer assumed that I was coming home to the apartments near the station after a late night of partying, but when I told him I was actually on my way to work, he let me go with a warning.  The second time, I cut into the lane I wanted to be in when turning left out of the Edwards 22 on Overland.  When I told the officer that I hadn't been drinking, he ran my license and let me go with a warning as well. I got lucky.

You guys, however, are wickedly creative when it comes to getting out of the tickets here in the Treasure Valley! We polled our listeners to find the BEST excuses (true or not) you've used to get out of a ticket and couldn't stop laughing.  We'll use first names only to protect the (not so) innocent.


"My goat was dying and I was trying to get it to the vet clinic.  Didn't get a ticket and no goats were harmed in the making of this excuse."


"It just happened this morning! Thought the speed limit was 45 on Midland because that's what it is on Middleton and I can't keep their names straight.  Got a warning!"


"This is actually my husband's story. He was having a sneezing attack and every time he sneezed his head went down and he would swerve the car.  He got pulled over and told the cop he could not stop sneezing.  It was true! Thank goodness the cop did not ticket him!"


"In high school, one of my friends was my passenger and told the officer that she couldn't wear a seat belt because her breasts were growing and it hurt too much.  Moral of the story? No ticket!"


"I was 6 months pregnant and I said I was trying to get to a bathroom to throw up.  While he was getting my information, I opened the door and threw up on the ground. He gave me a warning."


"I had a bumper sticker on my car that read 'what would Scooby do?' After being pulled over for not using my turn signal, a cop asked me what do I have to say for myself and I replied 'What would Scooby do?'  He chuckled and said that's the best thing he's ever heard and let me go."


"I got pulled over for not having a front plate and told the officer I didn't know how to use a screwdriver."


"I told the officer 'I had my head up my a**.  Police officer said it was refreshing to hear an honest excuse for speeding."


"Girl problems, needed to get home fast. Luckily I had a sweatshirt tied around my waist.  Hook, line, sinker...no ticket. Phew!!"


"My driver's license was from Idaho, even though the plates on the car were from California.  THAT worked in Montana.  It was a rental car."


"I said I was rushing to get back to the office for a work meeting.  I was nearly crying and apologized for not paying attention to how fast I was driving."


"I as in labor! Haha! I was ACTUALLY in labor though!"


"I'm too fat...my seat belt don't fit!!!"


"I cried and he asked why I was crying. I said because this is scary! He let me go."

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