Before I go on, I fully admit to failing my driver's test the first time around. 

You see, in Ohio where I got my license we had this stupid part of our skills test called maneuverability. They'd set up four cones in a 9x20' box. You had to drive through those cones and then pull to the right or left of a fifth cone placed in the middle, twenty feet beyond the box. You had to line your back bumper up with that point cone and then back through the box again without hitting any of the cones. Easy right?

Wrong. Because you were only allowed to stop once after your bumper was lined up with the point cone. I stopped a second time and they instantly failed me. In real life, I could stop as many times as I wanted to spare the cone's "life." Ever since failing that test, I've been a nervous driver.

I think that's part of why I LOATHE the ever growing number of roundabouts in the Treasure Valley. Truthfully, if I were to get in an accident where it was my fault it's probably going to be in a roundabout. That'd be going against statistics. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety roundabouts cut down on accidents by quite a bit. Overall, they help reduce collisions by 37%. They also reduce injury collisions 75% and fatal collisions by 90%. It's because people aren't rushing to beat a light, traveling too fast or misjudging who got to a stop signal first when there's a roundabout involved.

...I however, perpetually always end up in the wrong lane and have no idea how to safely get out of the damn things! ::cringes:: That's why I polled some of our listeners to find which roundabouts they hate the most in the Treasure Valley. These were the top 5.

(Please enjoy the musings of a terrible driver...)

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