Since 1998, the public has had the ability easily access information that lets them know if there are sex offenders living near their homes. The state classifies those offenders in three ways. 

According to the Ada County Sheriff's website, those classifications are adult registered sex offenders who have been charged with one or more of 18 felony sex crimes listed in the Idaho State code, juvenile sex offenders who are juveniles who were convicted as an adult of one of those same crimes and violent sexual predators.

Violent sexual predators in Idaho are defined as those "Charged with one or more of the above-listed felonies and found by the Sexual Offender Classification Board to be high risk or likely to re-offend." The Idaho State Police has 20 violent sexual predators listed on their registry. 13 of those individuals live in the Treasure Valley. Of those 13 at least four of them went on to be re-offenders.

Handcuff and fingerprint

In addition to the breakout of violent sexual predators, the state police's website has breakouts of non-compliant offenders, those with a pending status and a searchable database that includes all three classifications of offenders by name, city, county or zip code. We tried their map tool, but it doesn't appear to load correctly anymore.

The Ada County Sheriff's Department does have a functioning map tool that allows you to search for offenders within .25-5 miles of an address in the county. We were pretty shocked to see 391 offenders within five miles of our address. 19 of those were less than a mile from us.

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

Canyon County Sheriff's Department has a similar tool.

It's important to note that this map and registry exist for the sole purpose of protecting the public, not to harass or intimidate anyone. If you use the registry to commit a criminal act against someone, you could be arrested and prosecuted. According to an Idaho Statute, registration to this list is for life but under certain situations, offenders can petition for exemption from having to register.

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