Ah wealth, something that so many of us dream about. How does it happen to those who have massive wealth? Here are some of the richest people in Idaho and the stories on how they got that way.

Does the name Brad Duke ring a bell? In 2005 he won the biggest lottery prize ever won in the state of Idaho. A whopping $220 million. According to KTVB, before winning "Duke worked in management for a Treasure Valley Gold's Gym and was passionate about his career path in the field." He put a lot of his time and money to giving back,. "Duke has worked to donate and contribute to Idaho communities through the Duke Family Foundation." Duke told KTVB, “We didn't have a lot when we grew up, but for my parents to look upon what we've done in our family name and to see how proud my dad is, it’s as good as the projects itself at times."

Even though he is no longer with us the J.R. Simplot  (January 4, 1909 – May 25, 2008) rise to wealth story is one to be told. Celebritywealth.com says, "J.R. Simplot Net Worth: J.R. Simplot was an American potato farmer and billionaire who had a net worth of $3.7 billion. J.R. Simplot founded the agricultural supply company, the J.R. Simplot Company, which focused on potato production. His life was an American dream come true, as he turned from a 14-year-old drop-out with $80 dollars in his pockets into a tycoon with a net worth of over three billion dollars at the time of his death."

Joe Albertson has also passed away (October 17, 1906 – January 20, 1993) but is another story of hard work and determination leading to wealth. Wikipedia says "After graduation from Caldwell High School in 1925, Albertson studied business for two years at the College of Idaho in Caldwell. At the age of thirty-two, (and having to borrow money) Albertson opened his first store in 1939 on three principles: quality, good value, and excellent service. Joe and his wife started the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation that has given more than $750 million to Idaho's communities."

Idaho's wealthiest person in Idaho who is still alive is Frank VanderSloot with a net worth of $3.5 Billion but was born into a poor farming family. According to Celebrity Net Worth, "In 1985 he created, started and founded Melaleuca, Inc., a company that sells over 400 personal care and cleaning products, as well as nutritional supplements, via its own "Consumer Direct Marketing" plan. The company has grown exponentially and now operates in several countries. Frank lives in Idaho Falls where the Melaleuca headquarters are located. In addition to his responsibilities at Melaleuca, Frank VanderSloot owns several large cattle ranches, and one of the nation’s largest and most elite registered Angus herds and owns an estimated 117,500 acres across Idaho, Utah and Montana."

Information for this article was provided by several sources including: Forbes, WikipediaMelaleuca, Inc, and Celebrity Net Worth.


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