A warning from local and national animal organizations this week is a great reason to remind folks in the Treasure Valley--it's that time of the year again.

Why Every Idahoan Should Be Checking Under Their Hood

As temperatures drop around the Treasure Valley, more and more animals are roaming around looking for a warm place to be at night. In a perfect world, all of these animals would have a home to go to each night but unfortunately, this isn't the case.

Annual warnings never seem to be enough to prevent this common issue around Idaho and beyond: animals hiding under car hoods engines.

We wondered what this would even look like and found a great informational video from a San Francisco animal patrol officer that was featured on television. KEEP SCROLLING as we break down this common issue and check out the full video, below:

We came across this warning in a local Boise Facebook group and thought to ourselves--can this really be happening that often!? Apparently car hoods and engines really are nice, warm, and protected.

Until the car starts.

According to Embrace, a national pet insurance brand, cars on the streets are easy shelters for little animals like squirrels or cats and enough though that may be the case--it risks the animal's life.

Want to make sure you aren't going to injure a kitty before you drive off--especially if you've been parked outside?

Take an occasional peak under the hood of your car and look for a furry friend, just to be safe. Also, a bang on the hood or a honk of the horn could be enough to scare out the furry creature as well. If you spot one inside of the car and can't scare them out, put on some thick glove and see if you can pull they out yourself.  Moving parts like fan belts could kill the animal.

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