When you were a kid, what Christmas gift to you still clearly remember unwrapping on Christmas morning?

Two come to mind for me! One of them I still play with frequently (my Nintendo 64) and the other one has made the the brunt of my family's jokes.  One of the first things my parents and husband bonded over was the fact that I am an absolute slob.  When you've got a to-do list that's more of a scroll, housework routinely gets moved to the bottom of the priorities! That's why they joke that the year I got my mini Dirt Devil upright vacuum for Christmas was the last year that I actually cared about cleaning.  I loved pushing it around our family room, imitating my mom who actually vacuumed the carpets.

Some things never change! Today, kids still look up to their parents and try to imitated thing their parents do around the home and that's probably why vacuum toys have remained popular all these years.  That said, there's one on the market this year that every Treasure Valley parent secretly wishes their child would ask for!

Image via Amazon/CASDON
Image via Amazon/CASDON

Dyson has rolled out a child size replica of their Dyson Ball vacuum that lights up, twists and turns just like the real product and spins colored balls around inside it's core cylinder.  Right now, that probably doesn't sound much better than the vintage Playschool vacuums we all had as kids, but here's where this gift gets really good...the toy version has real suction action, meaning your kids are actually helping you clean the house while they play with the toy! It has a removable debris drawer so you can empty out what they suck up while playing.

It comes in three colors: yellow, purple and pink. Out of 2,741 customer reviews on Amazon, it's got a solid four star average and parents say their kids can't get enough of the toy Dyson.  One mom said that buying her autistic son one helped him completely get over his fear of the real vacuum cleaner.

Obviously, it doesn't have the full power of the real $330 Dyson Ball and probably won't eliminate your need to vacuum the carpets, but hey it's a start! The vacuums are so popular that Amazon is currently out of stock, but allowing customers to pre-order for when they get their new stock sometime between December 6-16. They range $29.99-$44.99 through the online retailer.

A quick search of Target's website shows that their location on Milwaukee has a limited amount of the yellow ones in stock for $24.99, but it's always a good idea to call ahead to make sure the store hasn't sold the last few before making the drive to the store!

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