It seems that more and more, Idaho is a driving force behind some of the best viral trends on the internet. Whether it was the guy chugging Ocean Spray while lip syncing Fleetwood Mac or our friend--the "Pool Noodle Guy"--the internet loves Idaho and our on-goings.

Believe it or not, this time--a meme all about Idaho has nothing to do with any "one person". No politician had to say anything crazy, no video needed to be made--it's really just one, natural, geographical feature that has people laughing.

If you were to drive about six hours northeast of Boise, you would end up at this lake that has the internet cackling.

Have you hear of it? It's called Bitch Lake and apparently it's a popular fishing hole. The most popular breed of fish to swim around in there is the Chain pickerel. Not only is there a Bitch Lake, but there is also a Bitch Creek, which logically leads right into the lake. How nice!

After looking at some photos of the place, it looks very secluded and peaceful--maybe there aren't droves of people going to visit it but if there's a sign someplace, we're sure a selfie would get you all of the Instagram likes.

Believe it or not, there's a whole lot more to Idaho that will make you giggle outside of 'Bitch Lake' and 'Bitch Creek'-- as we shared with you last week, there are actually EIGHT places with...interesting, names. 

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I seriously can't say the word "dingle" without smiling--yeah, I'm a child. 

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