Last week, there was a national story about how Idaho's favorite food happens to be, Finger Steaks. Thanks to your suggestions, here are a few places that serve up the best Finger Steaks in Idaho.

Finger Steaks are a dish that are unique to Idaho. Other states have tried to steal the recipe over the years, but none are ever as good as the crispy steaks from my home state. Most times if you ask for finger steaks at a restaurant you will only get a blank stare.

After all my years here, I've found quite a few places that know how to cook finger steaks to perfection. Here are a few of the best places around and few of my personal additions that are my favorite too:

    • Westside Drive-In, Boise: This Spot has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and is known for their ice cream potato, but the finger steaks are to die for. After all, how many drive ins are owned and run by a trained chef? Take it from me, Chef Lou, knows his Finger Steaks
    • Lindy's Steakhouse, Boise: This bar-turned-steakhouse is a favorite among local finger steak lovers. Their crispy deep fried morsels are modeled after the original recipe, invented at The Torch back in its family-friendly days, before they were known more for their scantily clad girls who dance on tables.
    • Lardo's Grill & Saloon, McCall: This is a favorite stop of our family because of the Finger steaks...their Chicken fingers are also delicious too. Lardo's delivers on some of the best finger steaks outside of The Treasure Valley.
    • Trudy's Kitchen, Idaho City: People usually stop at Trudy's for a slice of one of the award-winning pies, but this little roadside restaurant also makes a really good finger steak dinner.
    • Scotty's Drive-In, Idaho Falls: This classic Idaho drive-in serves its finger steaks alongside french fries, coleslaw, Texas toast, and a malted milkshake.
    • Crescent No-Lawyers, Boise: This no-politics bar has some of the best finger steaks in the make that the entire Treasure Valley.... the constantly show up in Boise Weekly's annual "Best of Boise" list.
    • Trestle Brewing Company, Ferdinand - This small town brewery is a personal favorite of mine. People drive from up to 60 miles in every direction to eat and drink here. This small place in one of Idaho's small towns is owned and run by a couple that I went to high school with, Mike and Kim Ingram. We always try stop by for their delicious Steak Bites when we are visiting our family in North Idaho.  If you want to try them, Ferdinand is about 15 miles north of Grangeville on your way towards Lewiston on I-95
    • Stewart's Bar and Grill, Caldwell: This is a personal favorite of our family, because my wife's office is right upstairs so we often meet at Stewart's for an after dinner drink and dinner. Their finger steaks themselves are a meal..The picture below is of a recent visit to Stewart's.....see what I mean?
    • Owyhee Lanes, Homedale: Some of the best finger steaks can be found in  dive bars and bowling alleys in small town is the case with Owyhee Lanes. My mother in law's birthday party was held here a few years ago and I discovered some great finger steaks...they were top notch. As a matter of fact, all the food was awesome. This bowling alley is known by most of the locals as serving some great home style food. I really like their home made pies.....and yes it's also connected to a bowling alley, so you can get  a little exercise a the same time as some great food.


Alright your turn, do you have a place that you know of here in Idaho that serves Finger Steaks to die for...please share so our listeners or more importantly, I can try them.

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Stewart's Finger Steaks
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