I've heard so many different legends and stories about exactly what happened at the Tamarack Resort I have no idea what's true and what isn't.  What I do know is that this once hopeful little oasis turned into a ghost town with nothing but a skeleton of what it was supposed to be and it's sat there like that for years.

Tamarack Ski Resort sits in the beautiful mountains of Donnelly, Idaho.  The massive project began in 2004 and was completely abandoned years later after the recession hit in 2008.  This resort doesn't just have top of the line ski mountains, it has a gorgeous lake, trails, and a whole lot that'll put it right up there with one of the all-time best resorts in the world.  IF it ever gets done!

That IF has now become a WHEN.  And that WHEN is this Winter.  That's right.  In only a few more months Tamarack will be open for business.  KTVB just reported that Tamarack's 2019 ski season will see full functional lifts, buildings completed, retail shops, rental shops, and more.

56 of Tamarack's phase one condos will up for sale this summer.  No word yet on prices but they will be for sale and they have all sorts of condos from studios to two bedroom penthouses.

The president of Tamarack, John Reveal stated...

Over the next two years we'll actually be bringing all of our facilities out of temporary domes that we've had in operation now for almost 11 years.  It will be the center and the heart of the resort when we get going this winter.

The one thing we know, Tamarack is a wonderful ski mountain, but what other ski resorts don't have is a warm water alpine lake that is so big and it's got so many things that you can do on it from boating to fishing to sailing to swimming to just having fun, so we're really excited about not only having a mountain experience but a summertime experience

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