Is This Really Love?
What should *Charlene do?
Here is the question she sent us: My fiance and I are having a big disagreement about my dog.  *Dixie is a medium sized mixed breed that I rescued from the animal shelter 3 years ago.  She had a lot of issues when I first brought her home
Got A Question?
Hi Brenda.  I really like the version that you guys play of the song "land down under" I was wondering if you could tell me who sings it
Got a Question?
Today's Question is from Karen: She wants to know if it's okay to correct someone else's kid when one or or both parents are right there?
Put Your Used Shoes To Good Use
We have until June 28th to help!  My good friend Virginia Treat is working hard these days, not only for The Morrison Center, but she'd like your gently used or new shoes.