Idaho's Favorite Jelly Bean is What?
When you think of jelly beans maybe you think of fruity flavors like grape and strawberry.
When we're picking a favorite, Idaho chooses a fruity jelly bean, but more citrusy.  Take the poll if you don't agree!
Parents and Kids Can't Agree on Easter Candy
It's a good thing we have the Easter Bunny to be fair and neutral in dishing out the candy, because parents and kids tend to pick different favorites.  I think my kids are weird for liking the stuff they like!  What's your favorite?
The Grinchess That Stole Halloween
This family was gone for Halloween and didn't want "trick-or-treaters" to miss out.  So they put candy out with a sign to be polite.  Most kids were, but one mom...well see for yourself.  This happened in San Diego.
Your thoughts are appreciated and feel free to …
Tricks to Beat Temptation
Halloween kicks off the season of temptations!  I try to eat healthy and indulge here and there but every time I turn around there's another batch of candy and I have to decide do I have some - or run the other way.   At home there are sacks of the stuff that's supposed to be for…
One Republic Concert with the Mee’s
One Republic made a stop a Boise and none other than LITE FM had three pairs of backstage passes. We had a great turn out and some prizes you will hear about soon. It was a beautiful day and people made a presence at the LITE tent. Stay tuned in with Kevin and Brenda in the Morning to hear when the …