Four Baseball Legends You Didn't Know Played in Boise
It's been a strange year for sports with the COVID-19 pandemic changing schedules, shortening seasons, and keeping fans away from the teams they love. As we head towards a fanless Major League Baseball post-season, did you know that Boise has a history of great baseball...
Baseball is Back For My Boy
It felt familiar yesterday, sitting behind the fence and watching my kiddo take the field for little league. Spring season last year was his first, and he liked it enough to come back for more.
Watching My Kiddo Grow Up
My son is eight years old and, this year, has decided that playing baseball was the "must do" sports choice.  Last night was his first game, and it was a very cool moment.
Little League Headed to Big Time!
The State Champion Nampa Valley Little League Team is headed to the Western Regional Tournament in Arizona.   If they win there they will immediately head to the Little League World Series in California!   The team is looking for donations to help with expenses...