One of the things we love about working at this radio station is the fact that our listeners are just as diverse as all of the variety that we pack into your workday!

Some of you are lifelong Idahoans. Some of you are transplants, just trying to blend in. If you fall into that second group, I totally understand. I moved to Boise from Northeast Ohio 10 years ago and I'd like to think that I've done a fairly decent job assimilating with the crowd, but it took a little work when it came to my vocabulary.

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When I moved here, I diligently had to remind myself to say Boy-cee rather than Boy-zee. After all, my only knowledge of Boise came from watching college sports and those announcers still don't say the city's name correctly.

I also had to get used to telling people that I don't like "soda" rather than "pop." The first time I used the word "soda" in a sentence in front of my family, my sister flipped out on me. Vocabulary mission accomplished!

Or at least, that's what I thought until our friend Sara shared this quiz on Facebook! The 25 question quiz asks you how you describe certain things or situations in words and uses your response to show you the top three cities matching your personal dialect. Her results were Boise, Modesto and Fresno. It's been over 25 years since she's lived in Modesto, but apparently some of the speech patterns she developed there stuck with her all these years!

Meanwhile, my answers baffled me because I've never visited any of them! My top 3 cities were Reno, NV, Oceanside, CA and Overland Park, KS. Prior to Boise, I lived in Youngstown, OH and went to school in a little Amish town named New Wilmington, PA. I'm really scratching my head now.

So do you talk like you're from Boise or somewhere else? Click HERE to take the quiz!

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