It is more challenging than ever before to have a small business. Mom and Pop businesses are an important part of any local economy. On March 29th we celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Appreciation Day. NationalToday says, "They create economic growth and provide almost 70% of all new jobs in the country. That’s why every year on March 29 we acknowledge the more than 27 million small businesses in this country by celebrating National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!"

Small business owners and entrepreneurs work ridiculous hours and for many it takes years before they see any real profit. The backbone of community commerce doesn't work without locals supporting locals. It is always a great time to support and shop local in Idaho and the Treasure Valley. Appreciation holidays like this one are a great reminder for all of us to seek out the small local spots and help keep them going.

We have a ton of incredible shops, eateries, businesses and more that were built by locals to serve locals. Next time you are hungry and wanting to go eat, try somewhere that you haven't been before that is locally owned. We literally have hundreds of 'mom and pop' or small local eateries spread out all around the Treasure Valley. Looking for a gift for someone? Don't just go to some massive big box store. You and the gift receiver will love something more unique from a local artist, craftsmen or other local creator. I know we all get busy but think outside the box from time to time and try new places and new things that support the local economy as much as possible.

What is your favorite local business and why?

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