After a few strange years due to the pandemic, it was recently announced that First Thursday and Alive After 5 are both officially in full swing again this year!

First Thursday has attempted both virtual and hybrid meetings over the last couple of years, and Alive After 5 has been canceled altogether…

So it’s safe to say that the stoked level is HIGH.



First Thursday

This begins on May 5th, and each one typically runs between 5 - 9 pm. 

It’s called “First Thursday” because it occurs on the first Thursday of each month, starting May and going through October.

This is scattered all throughout downtown Boise, and includes performances, music and a number of other activities. 


According to Downtown Boise, it is a place to “experience art, shopping, dining, live music, family activities and entertainment in a special and unique way you’ll only find Downtown.”

It’s fun for the entire family, and a great place to support and promote local businesses!


Alive After Five

This year marks the 35th anniversary of this free concert series, located in downtown Boise in the Grove Plaza.

It will return June 15, and continue through the first half of August. 

The bands will be announced through their social media sites, but they already have the first two shows lined up!


If you have never been to these concerts, you absolutely need to check it out. There’s live music, food and drink vendors, and it’s all right in the heart of downtown Boise!

It’s a wild good time, to say the least. 


Dates for the concert series:

  • Wednesday, June 15th
  • Wednesday, June 22nd
  • Wednesday, July 6th
  • Wednesday,  July 20th
  • Wednesday, July 27th
  • Wednesday, August 3rd
  • Wednesday, August 10th


It’s incredible to see Boise coming back to life, and to watch our little valley begin to heal after such a strenuous last few years. 

It feels like life is slowly getting back to normal, and we love to see it!


Saturday Market

Saturday Market is another thing that has recently come back this season, and they are located all around the Treasure Valley.

They provide a wonderful opportunity to interact with other members in the community, as well as support local farmers and artists.

A list of the Saturday Markets that may be occurring near you can be found below. 

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