Those of you who have been working from home since March, we salute you. You deserve a change of scenery! 

I can't hide it. Over the past 10 months, I've been incredibly grateful for our upper management at Townsquare Media Boise. When working from home became the norm for so many Idahoans, they did absolutely everything they could keep the on-air staff feeling safe and comfortable in their regular workspace so that we could continue to effectively communicate how the pandemic was impacting the Treasure Valley.

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The handful of days that I did my show from my apartment had nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with healing from my nightmare wisdom tooth removal experience. Looking back at early 2020, I think the experience of only having a handful of us in the building at any given time brought a lot of our friendships closer and helped keep each other sane.

I can't say the same for what was happening under my own roof. My husband's job sent him home within the first week of the pandemic and he worked from home until August. He was working in our main living space and it drove me absolutely nuts because I couldn't do anything that I normally do after work. Having to share our space in ways we hadn't before definitely put a strain on our relationship.

If you're still very much living a situation like that and having one of the adults in the family go back to their office isn't an option, there's a few Boise hotels that would like to help! Many hotel chains have discounted rooms for day use so that you have a quite, comfortable workplace where you can focus and enjoy reliable wi-fi.

And you're not chained to the desk in your room! Most of these hotels offer access to any of their gyms, pools, spas and in room amenities like coffee machines and fancy hours and tubs.

Hilton offers their day use packages through a program they call "Hilton WorkSpaces." Rates run $50-$125 based on the property you want to stay at. They own the Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn, Tru, Homewood and Home2 brands in the Treasure Valley.

The Hyatt Place hotels at near Boise Town Square and Downtown have "Office for a Day" deals that can be booked by calling 866-886-5053.

Even our locally owned hotel, The Modern, has day use packages available. There's a hilarious video on their Facebook page imagining everything what mom who needs a break from homeschooling so that she can actually work would do during a day stay with them. Prices for their day use rooms range $65-90 and can be booked by calling 208-424-8244.


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