We've never been so sad drinking a peppermint mocha in our entire lives. 

A few weeks ago, we stopped at the Starbucks on Boise Ave. to fuel up for a road trip to Salt Lake City. As we waited for the barista to make our Pumpkin Chai, we noticed a pile of cardboard boxes sitting in the corner of the café covered in signs that read "No Peeking Please!!! See you on November 4th!"

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

We thought we knew what they were. We were excited by the idea of what could be in the box, because someone decided to take our fun ugly sweater one we got last year out of the break room sink and throw it away. We thought they were the FREE reusable cups that Starbucks offers early birds that order a holiday beverage on the day of their release.

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Apparently, they weren't. If we had read the boxes more carefully the day that we got excited about them, we would've braced ourselves for the disappointment of not getting a free cup this morning. Those boxes clearly said "Single Wall Paper Hot Cups." They were just boxes of the four different paper holiday cups Starbucks locations across the Treasure Valley started using today.

So...no reusable cups on launch day? Does that mean we're not getting them this year? Not exactly. According to Becca Graves, a moderator in the Starbucks created "Leaf Rakers Society" Facebook group created by Starbucks the giveaway is still happening but is delayed.

We don't if it was a supply chain issue or if Starbucks had always planned to separate the launch from FREE red cup day, but we're happy it's still coming to the Treasure Valley. When? There are rumors swirling that it may be November 18, but that has NOT been confirmed by any official Starbucks representative.

Rest assured, we're hot on the case and as soon as we know, you'll know! In the mean time, you can read about the returning and new Holiday drinks HERE. 

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