This year at Canyon County Kids Expo, we are going to be giving you the chance to win Kylo Ren's Lego Command Shuttle, from the Walmart at 10 Mile and McMillan.

Stop by the Lite Fm booth and write down your best guess at the number of legos in our container to win the Lego set.  Even though the box says ages 9-14, we are not going to discriminate because of age. If you are old enough to write a number, you can guess. (One guess per person, the person with the closest guess will win the Lego Set, in case of a tie, the winner will be drawn at random, drawing will be held at 5:55pm, 01/30/2016)

Now we need to discuss a few things, winning this set comes with responsibility. Yes this is a Lego Star Wars playset, but it also could introduce someone to the world of collectibles.  Face it, this is a really cool set and in the wrong hands could become an instrument of terror. If you've ever stepped on a random Lego in the middle of the night, or have a set and are a couple pieces short because your 5 year old has them tied to a string and is slinging them around like a Batarang, you know what I mean.

In the hands of a collector this could become a piece that one day will be in a museum or an episode of "Extreme Hoarders." It's a fine line between collecting and hoarding.

I would like to thank my son Kody for sending me that video from SNL.

OK, I have a few toys/action figures that are either in mint condition or are ready to be displayed.  I have every "Star Trek" 3 3/4 inch figure, the transporter deck, bridge and space shuttle all still in their boxes.The set includes a 30 year old model of the Enterprise that our three year old grandson managed to find and tear in to. (Just a note, I was in no way angry, mad or anything else when he got into the set, it's "M" and he wanted to know what it was. A grandson can pretty well get away with just about anything.)

I also have two Stuart Tanks and an entire platoon of 12 inch G.I.Joe's, all in WWII replica uniforms.  One of the tanks is remote control and has a 8mm Airsoft gun in place of the main gun. They are really cool and one day will be displayed in my own "Toy Room." Yes when everyone is gone, I will have a Toy/music room, where my collectibles and guitars will have a home of their own.

Now comes the question, am I insane?  Do you have a toy you consider collectible?

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