I know you came here for the “nude beach” and you have the folks over at Old Boise Model Railroad Club to thank for this one-of-a-kind attraction where it’s good to be “small.”

Located in the basement of the Pioneer Building at 6th and Main, the Old Boise Model Railroad Club has a vast train model set up that features all kinds of easter eggs and hilarious finds… including the nude beach. While the characters are so small, you can’t actually see anything, it’s a hilarious take on what is otherwise an age-old pastime in railroad modeling.

The attraction also features train cars that have “real” graffiti on them. "Real" as in someone associated with the railroad club actually snapped photos of real graffiti and then they had an artist paint this graffiti (to scale) onto the train cars. It’s absolutely unreal and one could get lost in all the amazing detail that has been put into this railroad model. According to their site, the model is over 1,800 square feet with 50 scale miles of track and 210 switches. The model is open to the public year-round on Tuesday evenings from 6 PM to 9 PM and they even have holiday shows lined up.

You didn’t actually believe that downtown Boise somehow had a beach where clothing was optional did you? You can check out their site for the Old Boise Model Railroad club for more info, but scroll on to see all of the amazing detail put into this breath-taking train model. Oh yeah… don’t forget about the nude beach!

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