Everyone has something they enjoy and there will always be people who don’t agree or who just can’t find joy in that. Some people like their eggs scrambled, some like their eggs over-easy; kind of like how there are some people who like wearing clothes while others prefer to enjoy life in the nude.

We’ve previously shared with you how you can enjoy life in the nude in the great state of Idaho but if you need a refresher, here are those spots:

  • Bare Mountain Retreat
  • Goldbug Hot Springs
  • Bowery Hot Springs
  • Jerry Johnson Hot Springs
  • Loftus Hot Springs
  • Sun Meadow Report

There are people, however, who either didn’t do their research or discovered that these types of environments weren’t for them. There is also a small handful of people who took it a step further to share their experiences with the magnificent entity known as the world wide web. Thanks to some extensive digging through various travel sites, forums, Facebook comments, and pretty much every review site you can imagine, I was able to compile a collection of hilarious 1-star reviews of nudist springs and resorts in the Treasure Valley.

Whether or not you enjoy clothing-optional environments, you can’t deny the fact that these 1-star reviews read more like hilarious reactions and culture shock.

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