It's been a busy few weeks at LITE-FM!

During the Workday Payday, we gave away over $2000 in cash to people listening to LITE-FM on the job here in the Treasure Valley. Last week, we sent Brit Watson and her family to Frightmares at Lagoon with Trip or Treat...and we're not done yet!

This week, we want you to show us your screen to win some green! Thanks to our friends at Clarity Credit Union we have an incredible opportunity for you to win some serious cash and prizes. Here's how it works:

  1. Download the LITE-FM mobile app in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Take a screenshot of it downloaded on your home screen and post it to our Facebook page.
  3. Once you've posted your photo, be listening during the workday at 9:10, 12:10 and 3:10 for your name. If we call your name, call us back within 10 minutes and 7 seconds to pick a number 1-30.
  4. Win whatever prize corresponds to the number you picked!

What's up for grabs? (5) $100 cash prizes, (7) Amazon Fire Tablets, (4) Amazon Echo Dots, (2) LUX60 Instant Pot Pressure Cookers, (4) Tile Mates (to help you find your keys, purse, wallet, etc,) (1) $25 Fandango Gift Card and (7) pairs of tickets to Cirque Musica: Holiday Wishes at Century Link Arena. All pretty sweet gifts that you may want for Christmas this year, right?!

As the prizes are revealed we'll list what's been picked below! Want some help tracking down the prize that you really want? Once a day, we'll send out an app alert that reveals the number of one of the remaining prizes!

Grand Prizes:

  1. ???
  2. ???
  3. ???
  4. Amazon Echo Dot (Maryann Y./Boise)
  5. Amazon Echo Dot (Vanessa B./Boise)
  6. ???
  7. Amazon Fire Tablet (Michelle S./Nampa)
  8. Cirque Musica: Holiday Wishes Tickets (Holly O./Nampa)
  9. Cirque Musica: Holiday Wishes Tickets (Tiffany G./Meridian)
  10. Amazon Fire Tablet (Carissa D./Nampa)
  11. Amazon Echo Dot (Jennie F./Boise)
  12. ???
  13. ???
  14. $100 (Taira H./Boise)
  15. Amazon Fire Tablet (Jessica M./Boise)
  16. Tile Tracker (Jessie B./Boise)
  17. $100 (Tabitha J./Boise)
  18. ???
  19. ???
  20. ???
  21. Cirque Musica: Holiday Wishes Tickets (Kira H./Meridian)
  22. ???
  23. Amazon Fire Tablet (Jessica G./Emmett)
  24. Instant Pot (Michelle E./Nampa)
  25. ???
  26. ???
  27. Tile Tracker (Kerry M./Star)
  28. ???
  29. ???
  30. ???


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