Movie theaters offer a lot more options now than when I was a kid. Back in the day you had the option of normal and that was it. Now you have big screens, IMAX screens, D-Box Seating, stadium seats, recliners, 3D, Dolby ATMOS sound, and definitely other options I don't know about. Usually you pay an upcharge for the additional features. In the Treasure Valley, you're likely to pay an up charge for something like 3D or D-Box seating (available at Village Cinemas.)  That all makes sense, you are paying more for getting something extra from the movie.

I have always thought that the ticket price should also be determined by the theater you are seeing the movie in. For example, a while ago I wrote that I went to see Thor and paid my regular ticket price and then found that the theater was one of the smaller ones. Someone else recently brought up a different way of pricing that I hadn't thought of before: should theaters use variable pricing based on the movies choices? They think that it makes sense to pay $10 for a Marvel movie but not for some indy film or a less popular movie like the recent Beatles based movie Yesterday. I like the idea of that too but then you are basically saying that just because movie wasn't made by Disney it isn't worth a full ticket price. So, in theory it sounds nice but implementing it would be a PR nightmare.

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