If you were out and about on the greenbelt on Thursday evening, you got to enjoy a preview of what more than 80,000 people will experience during Garth Brooks's two nights in Boise. 

If you were a Boise State student, you were invited to come inside the stadium to be part of the experience free of charge with a student ID.  Faculty and staff were invited too and were asked to pay a small fee of $10 for a soundcheck ticket.  For an additional $10 they could bring one guest with them.

So where did all that money go? In a release from Boise State last week, we found out it was going toward a student scholarship at Boise State but during his press conference at the Bleymaier Football Center there was a bigger surprise. Garth's team is matching the money raised from the soundcheck party to put toward that scholarship. He said his hope is that the scholarship would go to a recipient who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to go to college without it.

The two shows in Boise are part of Garth's solo stadium tour that's been to professional sports stadiums in Denver, Glendale and Pittsburgh. It's also been to college sports venues at Notre Dame and the University of Oregon. Garth said he and his team get to loosen up a little more at the college venues, making it an even more unique experience for fans. They really enjoy getting to immerse themselves in the culture, community and traditions of the college towns!

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