This will make you feel slightly less guilty about buying that Roomba! 

It's taking every ounce of will power I have to not shop Amazon Prime Day.  There's deals on accessories for my Cricut machine, Garmin watches and appliances I want to cash in on...but I'm getting married on August 4.  We're at the point that neither my fiance or I should be spending money on anything other than stuff associated with the wedding.  But then again, he did throw a grill off our balcony and broke our neighbor's if I spend money on something I really don't need, at least I have that $242 adventure to throw back at him! Teehee.

But you're not marrying the dumbest man on the planet (I say that with love,) so how do you justify your impulse Amazon Prime Day buys? How about by knowing you helped a local charity! By logging on to rather than just, you're given a unique opportunity to help a local charity.  For every purchase you make through Amazon's Smile program, .5% of your purchase is donated to your chosen charity at no extra cost to you! I signed up to shop for our FitOne partners, Camp Rainbow Gold, but there's over 429 charities with ties to the Treasure Valley that you can help out!

The program has generated more than $89 million for charities across the country since it's launch a few years ago. See, shopping can really be a good thing after all! Go ahead, you have permission to get that Roomba now!

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