If you've decided against taking your bike to work because you're not sure where you'd park it, then your troubles will soon be a thing of the past. According to Boise Weekly, Capital city Development Corporation will be installing a secure bike lockup facility at a ParkBOI garage downtown.

The indoor facility in the garage on Ninth and Main streets in Boise will include "racks capable of storing 42 bikes, 18 lockers (expected to be installed in July), keycard access, safety lighting, video camera security, a bike repair station and a general-use bike pump."

CCDC plans to open the secure bike parking area on Saturday, June 1. If this is something you'd totally take advantage of, you'll be able to sign up to use the service on Monday, May 20. It will only cost you $7 per month to use the service. When you compare that to daily parking fees, that's a huge savings!

According to Boise Weekly, if the service is popular, CCDC could consider installing more of these facilities at their other parking structures.

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