As Christmas Wish continues, another special wish was granted this morning.  Vickie nominated her Iraq War Veteran son Scott.

Scott has had a string of "bad luck" on top of the stresses of returning from war.  It was our honor to be able to team with you to grant her Christmas Wish for him.

You can listen to the wish by clicking below, then scroll down to read what Scott posted after our delivery.  Your generosity is truly making a difference and bringing hope.

Here's the note Scott posted to his Facebook.

You know the last month has been rough. With the roommate ditching me leaving me broke. Car running pretty horribly and barely being able to keep food in the fridge with the stupid stuff that keeps popping up. Mom has help where she could and it's hard sometimes to ask for help. Call it pride call it social anxiety whatever but. Mom decided to contact a local road station and tell them about some of the struggles I have been having.

Normally I don't answer my phone at 9:30 am heck normally I don't answer the phone ever, but something made me push that answer button today. And it was a 2 radio host from 107.9 Lite fm Kevin and Brenda telling me to wake up. As I listened to the voice of Kevin directing me to wake up and go to my front door. There are two men one holding a camera the other man Jeff holding and envelope. Jeff then explains to me that my mother told them of the issues I have been running into ever since 2009 with life and car trouble, and how they wanted to help. Kevin then explains to me that in this envelope there are to gift card one to buy food and things I need the second one is to get my car smog tested and enough on it to get the car registration paid. To follow that up they are going to have me take my car in to get it fixed at their expenses.

I can't begin to express how grateful I am. Jeff then proceeded to tell me that the cash donated for this came from military spouses who donated this money to help people in need. Everyday people. I then told Jeff. "Ya know there are so many foundations out there that offer help to vets and say they donate but there is never any word on how that help can be gotten and even less information about where peoples money goes when they donate to other foundations. And here I am getting help not from a foundation but from the public. Everyday people. I didn't ask for this, but my mother and the people that donated this money and the people at 107.9 Lite FM pulled together to help me out anyway.

I want to go on record as saying I know there are people out there struggling far worse then I am. My problems are small time comparably. There are people who take these things for granted. I will not. Thank you everyone again for the help and humanity you have shown me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays I wish everyone who helped the best and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.