It's the most wonderful time of the year and the scammers are out in full force. It's actually kind of sad. You have good hard-working people minding their own business and then before you know you know it, they're contacted by someone claiming to care for their safety. These snakes usually prey on people's logical fears but use that vulnerability to their advantage.

When I'm not out hitting the pavement to explore Boise, I often find myself going down the rabbit hole that is the r/Boise subreddit to get different perspectives or directions on what to do in town. This is where I came across a warning about a scam involving jury duty. Reddit user u/happyhikercoffeefix posted about the scam in the r/Boise subreddit writing that they were contacted about a "failure to appear in court." The post goes on to share that the user was threatened with jail time and asked to go through a number of hoops that eventually raise the red flags of a scam such as requests for payment to rid the potential scamming victim of any trouble.

This got me wondering what other scams are in the area and if local county sheriffs have been made aware of the scam. Here's what Ada County had to say:

It's good to know that this has been put on the radar of local law enforcement but you can never be too careful! The huge takeaway here is asking ourselves what the "goal" of the call that we're receiving is. It appears the main goal of the scammer who contacted Reddit user u/happyhikercoffeefix was in fact to get some holiday spending money out of it. Pretty low if you ask me! Beware of scammers out there and feel free to contact us of any holiday scams in the area that you're aware of!

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