I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love reading a solid bad review. Having said that, I do want to be clear that I don’t necessarily condone the behavior nor do I even leave bad reviews myself. I honestly think if someone is petty enough to create an account somewhere to leave a 1-star review for a business (or in this case, a town!) then the problem probably isn’t with the business, but rather the person.

Honestly – who does that? Who creates an account just for the sake of complaining? Confront the individual AKA the business owner or manager face to face with your issue. Most places have a manager on duty or at least someone who can return a phone call to make it right. Do people do that? Nope, they get on their phones, open up a Yelp account, and get to typing out their horrible experience. Bonus points for photos to go with the bad review, right?

Today, however, we’re talking about some savage reviews of Idaho’s beloved town of Kuna. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of “managers” you can talk to face to face about your true feelings towards Kuna so people do what they do best – they take to the internet.

There are actually people who have created an account on Niche.com just to write up a bad review (some are labeled “Poor”) on the city of Kuna. Let that sink in a bit then share your true feelings about Kuna with me here.

Let’s get into the most savage reviews of Kuna…

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