With so much extra time on your hands during 2020, you've probably spent your time doing things online that you never thought you would. I'm not judging. Early on in the pandemic, I spent hours playing Slingo arcade. This week,  I finally caved and downloaded the Project Makeover game that's been chasing me around Facebook. Downloading new mobile games wasn't the only way that we've passed time during one of the most frustrating and painfully boring years of our lives.

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According to Glamour, we've spent quite a bit of time daydreaming about what our dream homes could look like. This year home searches on Zillow rose 41%.

One of the listings you'll stumble across on there? Santa's House! He and Mrs. Claus officially claimed their 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom North Pole cottage on Zillow in 2016 and added a bunch of photos and videos of the property to the listing. Even though the property is "off market," you can still look around at the main home and elf village by clicking HERE or watching the video below.

The property is pretty incredible, right?! It's Zestimate is $764,389. Boise's one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, so that sounds like an absolute steal. So what could that money buy you in Boise? Take a look around a house that we found on the market for about the same price. It's the Cottonwood floor plan you can build upon in Dry Creek Ranch! It's not quite as cozy as Santa's home at the North Pole, but it is gorgeous and has one more bathroom than the Claus's.


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