The number one commercial from the Superbowl was...

Puppy Monkey Baby, the Mountain Dew energy drink.  Yes the commercial was creepy and disturbing, especially since it's possible to create one of those creatures.  For those of you who were at church, sitting by your sick friend in the hospital, at the movies or just having to give in to your new girlfriend who doesn't get football and was giving you the ultimate test of not watching it. (personally, I would have dumped her right then) Here is "Puppy Monkey Baby"

I took the beat part of the commercial, edited it into a 3:42 long beat song so Tina at Inner Diva could make a workout, mostly to annoy Brenda. Then I found out Tina was one of those people who didn't watch the Superbowl. Since only 112,000,000 people watched the Superbowl, that means roughly 138,000,000 didn't. So what were those people doing?

Did you skip the Superbowl, what did you do?

Kevin Mee

Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos
Getty Images

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