The White House kitchen staff can ably prep dinner for 140 guests or hors d'oeuvres for 1000, but one of President Obama's most recent meals was a touch less high-maintenance.

The nation's 44th president will appear on an upcoming episode of Bear Gryll's Running Wildwhich famously challenges celebrity guests to rough it in the wild outdoors. In a sneak peek of the commander-in-chief's adventure provided by TODAY this morning (September 8), the menu looks like it'll include a very fresh catch of the day.

In the clip above, which finds Obama navigating Exit Glacier in Alaska’s Kenai Mountains, Bear invites the leader of the free world to sit down for a snack. Still, the president admits to misgivings.

"I've seen some of the things Bear eats, and it's gotta be something that doesn't still have its legs and eyes on it," he practically begs in an interview.

The good news? Bear's come equipped with a salmon. The bad news? It's already been mangled by a bear and left for dead on a riverbank. Still, the president's a good sport, and decides to sample a bit of what Grylls quickly grills up.

"It would have been nice if we had had a cracker," he admits. "Bear's a mediocre cook, but the fact that we ate something recognizable was encouraging."

Still, there's no telling what a man who's previously invited Channing Tatum to kill and eat a rattlesnake has got up his sleeve...

Check out the first look, and hang tight for Obama's episode of Running Wild, which will air on NBC later this fall!

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