Congratulations! You're days away from meeting your new bundle of joy.  It's a time to celebrate, but you may be celebrating even more if your baby arrives during the Sunday's Big Game. 

As the mom of a newborn, you know what you're in for. Nights where you feel like you can't sleep while baby sleeps, a seemingly endless pile of rags and burpees that need to be washed and temporarily losing all touch with reality. When you're flat out exhausted, it sure would be nice to not worry about having to feed your spouse and older children, right?

Pizza Hut to the rescue! The pizza giant has one of the most unique football promotions I've ever heard of happening during the match-up between New England and LA. They're awarding the mom of the first baby born after kickoff on Sunday with pizza for a year AND tickets to next year's big game! Not having to cook dinner every night give you more time to really enjoy your new arrival.

If you're close to your due date and baby decides to make their grand entrance during the game, get hubby to jump on Twitter and use the hashtags #PizzaHutSpecialDelivery and #promotion to let them know of the arrival. That's how you'll be considered for this very special baby gift!

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