Look, we don’t love this weather anymore than you do. 

We were so close to spring and warmer weather, that we could almost taste it!

In fact, less than one week ago, we were all wearing shorts and tank tops… and now we’re back to thick winter jackets and boots. 

We’re not stoked either, but that’s Idaho for you. 


However, there are some wonderful things that have already come about because of this winter-esque weather, and we feel we would be remiss if we did not pause for a moment and highlight these!

Perhaps they’ll make us feel slightly better, as we watch the mountains become white again?

PLUS, it’s supposed to be back in the sixties by next week, so we can power through this for just one week… right? Sure. Whatever.

Any who. Back on track!


Two HUGE positives to this treacherously cold weather:


Apparently the ski resort has received more snow this week than they did in the entire months of February and March, and there’s more on the way. Wild. 

But according to Bogus Basin, this snow is better late than never!


  • This storm has improved Idaho’s water outlook.

The PNW is in an extreme drought, and the lack of precipitation this winter has been alarming for a number of reasons

However, according to KTVB, this surprisingly cold April rain/snowstorm may help to "increase water supplies, slow snow melt and lengthen the irrigation season," therefore alleviating some of the negative outcomes.


So, we get it, and we’re right there with you: we want warmer weather already, dang it. 

However, we are already seeing some really positive benefits that have come from this unexpected springtime storm, and we’re very nearly done with it.

So keep keeping on, Boise. We’ve got this.

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