My mom's coming to visit from Ohio this weekend and I've been putting together a fun list of things to do that she didn't see the last time she came to visit.  An event at this venue was on the list and now I'm wondering if I should scratch it.

On Monday, Crooked Fence Brewing announced that they were permanently closing their indoor/outdoor restaurant in Eagle.  Known as Crooked Flats, the location was a popular choice for events like summer concerts, Easter and Mother's Day brunches and weddings/receptions. Thanking their customers in the post, they explained that you'll still be able to find their beers on tap at local restaurants and in the case at grocery stores and gas stations around the Treasure Valley. The venue has been sold to new owners.

What the original post didn't exactly explain is what would happen to events/weddings already booked at the location. I was looking at buying tickets to Spay and Neuter Idaho Pets "Grape Stomp" this upcoming Sunday as something fun for my mom and I to do while she's in town. I didn't want to spend $35 on a ticket only to find out it was cancelled.

Luckily, the new owners are honoring Crooked Fence's contracts with event organizers.  SNIP confirmed that the "Grape Stomp" is still on at Crooked Flats (and it looks like a blast, find out more HERE.)

I also noticed that after I talked to SNIP, Crooked Fence replied to a Facebook user who wanted to make sure that her friend's rehearsal dinner and wedding at the venue this weekend was still good to go.  They explained that the contracts would still be honored by the new owners and they would even honor the menu that the couple had chosen for their reception.

It's a gorgeous venue and one that my fiance and I briefly considered for our wedding next summer.  The food and beer there was always great, but the speed of service was sub-par the few times we visited Crooked Flats.  That and how far the location was away from our home is inevitably why we stopped going there. I am happy the beers will be sticking around, though! Their Aviator Raspberry Blonde is one of my favorite local beers!

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