It's no secret that Boise's population boom isn't exactly popular with those who've called the Treasure Valley home their entire lives. They're not afraid to show their displeasure by posting snarky comments about Californians on social media.

There's one place they're not able to do it anymore - the Boise Bench Dwellers Facebook group. With a membership of over 14,000, discussion within the group covers all aspects of what's happening on the Bench: business, education, public safety, charity events and just getting to know your neighbors better.

Unfortunately, admins have noticed an uptick in content aiming to make new Boise residents feel like they're not welcome here and are part of a growing "problem." That's why as of May 14, they put into an effect a zero tolerance policy for members posting anti-California/out-of-stater content as it doesn't align with their neighborly group vision.

If you read through the comments on the post about the policy change, the decision was well received by most group members with only a few feeling like that they should have the right to vent in a way that blames out-of-staters for directly impacting Boise's cost of living and available housing options.

As a non-Native Boisean, I appreciate the ban.  I moved here because there was opportunity in Boise.  The growth and passion for evolving was part of the excitement about making the move. I take the comments from keyboard bullies with a grain of salt, but I'd be lying if it didn't hurt my feelings a little bit every time someone told me that I could never be a true Idahoan because I didn't grow up here.

There's not much left in my hometown in 2019.  Youngstown, OH never really rebounded after the steel mills closed in the late 70s. Things have only gotten worse. Just this year, thousands of people lost their jobs when General Motors closed the plant that produced the Chevy Cruz in nearby Lordstown. The suburb I lived in is no longer able to financially support one of it's aging elementary schools and will close its doors for good at the end of the school year.  I can count on two hands how many people are left in the radio cluster I used to work in and I'll tell you it's a far cry from how many work with us here in Boise.

When I graduated from college, I needed to get out of there to make dreams come true and I found opportunity in Boise. Quite frankly, no one on social media has the right to tell me or anyone else that we don't deserve to fulfill our potential in the Treasure Valley just because they were here first. That's why I support and give the admins of Boise Bench Dwellers Facebook group a big pat on the back for reminding people it takes 0% effort to just be a nice person.

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