Idaho is well known to be a state with a lot of UFO sightings. As far as states with the most sightings per capita - Idaho goes back and forth but is always in the top 10.

"Idaho may be known for its potatoes, but it now also has bragging rights for having the highest number of UFO sightings per capita in the nation during the first three months of 2020, according to reports." (NYPost)

24/7 Tempo created a list of the states with the most UFO sightings, based on per capita sightings. Idaho got 10th out of 50 states in the country for seeing the most UFOs. The data came from nearly 10 years or reported sightings from 2001-2020. In that time Idaho reported 1,569 total sightings. When counting in population scale that is nearly 88 sightings for every 100 thousand people.

Lots. According to Stacker, "Many of Idaho's most-documented accounts of UFO encounters in Idaho come from the state's police officers and southeast residents. These include claims of alien crafts following on-duty officers, unusual sightings, and a particular stretch of Idaho State Highway 30-E so notorious for UFO sightings it's been coined Idaho's UFO Highway."

I like to think that so much of the state is less populated than other parts of the country so the skies are clearer. We also love spending time out doors, a lot of time outdoors here in Idaho, even at night.

There is a cool little photo opportunity spot for space lovers in Wallace Idaho. There is a hotel called the Stardust Motel 

and right out front they have a spaceship, although it looks like a UFO a too. Either way a super fun spot for families, kids and adults who are really into space and what else is out there.

Roadsideamerica says, "An eye-catching sci-fi spacecraft, its hatch open for interior access, stands in a parking lot next to a retro Stardust Motel sign."

Visitors, travelers and staycationers have also raved about the vintage hotels little restaurant and eclectic little shop. Amy Posted on Roadside America: "The parking lot which the spaceship resides is for the Red Light Garage Restaurant, which is quirky and home to two aliens. Come for the spaceship, stay for the burgers and atmosphere."

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