Idaho is home to 68 bridges according to Anyplace America. With the most popular bridges being:

  • Wind River Pack Bridge in Idaho County, ID
  • Pagari Bridge in Blaine County, ID
  • Falk Bridge in Payette County, ID
  • Owsley Bridge in Twin Falls County, ID
  • Loveridge Bridge in Owyhee County, ID
  • Tilden Bridge in Bingham County, ID
  • Guffey Railroad Bridge in Owyhee County, ID
  • Twin Bridges in Owyhee County, ID
  • Dent Bridge in Clearwater County, ID
  • Porterville Bridge in Bingham County, ID

The most popular are not always the best, most beautiful or tallest though. According to Only in Your State, "When it comes to majestic bridges in Idaho, the iconic destination of Perrine Bridge may be the first that comes to your mind. However, our state is full of stunning structural beauties like Moyie River Canyon Bridge located just east of Bonners Ferry. Constructed in 1965, the bridge can be found along U.S. Route 2. Along with the aforementioned Perrine Bridge, the Moyie River Canyon Bridge is considered one of the highest in the country."

Wikipedia says, "The Moyie River Canyon Bridge is a structural steel truss cantilever bridge that spans the Moyie River in the city of Moyie Springs just east of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Constructed in 1965, the bridge is on U.S. Route 2 at mile marker 70. The bridge is 1,223 ft long and 464 ft high, and is a replacement for an obsolete 1923 bridge built downstream from Moyie Dam."

So what is higher that or the more well known Perrine Bridge? With a difference of only 22 feet the Perrine Bridge wins.

Wikipedia says "The I. B. Perrine Bridge is a four-lane truss arch span in the western United States. Located at Twin Falls, Idaho, it carries U.S. Highway 93 over the Snake River Canyon, connecting to Jerome County and Interstate 84. The Perrine Bridge is approximately 1,500 feet (457 m) in total length, with a main span of 993 feet (303 m) and a deck height of 486 feet (148 m) above the Snake River it is the eighth highest bridge in the United States."


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