After Friday night's Dateline episode "Where are the Children?" aired, an East Idaho News reporter who was a major part of the show's explanation of the hard to follow case has received multiple tips that the Daybells have left Kauai. 

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According to Nate Eaton's latest Facebook post a woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent him photos of the newlyweds picking up a rental from Hertz and the Maui airport. They had multiple pieces of luggage, but it's unclear whether or not the couple plans to continue vacationing on Maui or will eventually return to Kauai. During Friday night's Dateline episode, we learned that Lori had lived in Kauai with her now deceased, estranged husband Charles Vallow and children. She hasn't been in touch with her former best friend since returning there.

Dateline also revealed that Lori Daybell believes that she's one of the chosen 144,000 people who will survive the end of the world in July 2020. How those radical religious beliefs connect to the disappearance of her children, 17 year-old Tylee Ryan and 7 year-old Joshua "JJ" Vallow are unclear.

Eaton has been one of the reporters leading the charge in spreading information about the case to the public. Many of his recent Facebook posts have been about the case. If you'd like to see his posts first in your newsfeed, like his Facebook page and use the "following" drop down menu to select "see first."

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